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Help with Unix/Mac OS question

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Old 03-24-2005
Help with Unix/Mac OS question

Hope someone can help give me a clue what is going on here, I work in a Macintosh computer lab in a college institution and currently we run Mac G4's with what is becoming dated software but everything has been fine until recently, when a new student purchased a new Mac G5 system in order to do her homework at home of course, but soon found nothing she did could be opened up here at school. it was not until today she brought her computer in and I found instead of her program saving her files in this case what should have been an Adobe Pagemaker Document file, instead is saved by default to a file with an extension of ( Unix Executable File ) is this something new with the new mac systems. I mean we run Mac OS X and I myself run the same OS this student is running ( Mac OS 10.3.8 ) although I run mine on an older Powerbook G3 Mac computer, and her's is run on a iMac G5. Mine has never saved a file with a ( Unix Executable File ) extension, so is this something new to the newer G5 systems and is there a work around or conversion to make these files open or convert them to an older file extension type. Need some input here this is all new to me.
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Old 03-26-2005
Although i am a novice Mac user (wife's computer) I have found there are default settings for nearly everything.

I would suggest going thru the config files and possibly getting a book as I have for my wife. (trying to get her to be more independent on her mac.

I hate to redirect you, but I know there are plenty of online forums specifically for macs.

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