Extracting line1 from a file with certain file pattern in line 7

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Extracting line1 from a file with certain file pattern in line 7

Hello there, I am new to unix and would like to do the following, hoping someone would give some guide, thanks in advance.

Lets say i have a file like this:

A w x y w x 0.1
B w x y w x 0.3
C w x y w x 0.7
D w x y w x 0.9
E w x y w x 0.2

So i would like to extract line 1 data where line 7 have a value of more than 0.3

So i should get something like this as a result file


and yes, i would like to include the value 0.3 also, so, B is included

Thanks in advance

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awk '$7>=0.3{print $1}' inputfile

This User Gave Thanks to balajesuri For This Post:
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Originally Posted by balajesuri
awk '$7>=0.3{print $1}' inputfile

It works like miracle, thanks a lot!!!!!

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