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When using "ping" on a WAN and in a script I do it twice and ignore the result from the first attempt.

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Ping test sends mail when ping fails

help with bash script! im am working on this script to make sure my server will stay online, so i made this script.. HOSTS="" COUNT=4 pingtest(){ for myhost in "$@" do ping -c "$COUNT" "$myhost" &&return 1 done return 0 } if pingtest $HOSTS #100% failed... (4 Replies)
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How to get reason for ping failure using perls Net::Ping->new("icmp");?

Hi I am using perl to ping a list of nodes - with script below : $p = Net::Ping->new("icmp"); if ($p->ping($host,1)){ print "$host is alive.\n"; } else { print "$host is unreacheable.\n"; } $p->close();... (4 Replies)
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Where is PING ?

SHAME, that's all that I'm felling right now, however I'm not finding PING or either tracert in my box (Solaris 10). 1) Yes my PATH does have /usr/bin /usr/sbin # echo $PATH /opt/csw:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/sfw/bin:/opt/csw/bin:/opt/csw/gcc2/bin:/opt/csw/bin 2) If I... (1 Reply)
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Animation Ping on Solaris Like Cisco Ping

Hi, I develop simple animation ping script on Solaris Platform. It is like Cisco ping. Examples and source code are below. bash-3.00$ gokcell 30 Sending 30 Ping Packets to !!!!!!!!!!!!!.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. % 93.33 success... % 6.66 packet loss...... (1 Reply)
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Can't Ping

I have an old MP-Ras Unix system. I have setup netowkring but am unable to ping any local network pcs or the default gateway. If i use the arp -a command I receive the correct mac address for all connected pcs but I cannot ping anything except the local address. Any help would be appreciative. ... (7 Replies)
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can ping doing this?..

i have question about this problem,, could i ping ip address with the range - ? ip address begin from until ? could ping (not fping) doing that? (5 Replies)
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Hi , I have one system installed on Linux Red Hat 3.0. I have ip of system 3.156.168.*** and i want to ping some port that is on this IP which command i can do this? sam70 (1 Reply)
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We can ping out but the return never comes back even to localhost ping localhost PING loopback: ( 56 data bytes 64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=255 time=0 ms it just sits there.... any ideas, any files to check (1 Reply)
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10. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers


Hi there hope list can help I'm looking for a command that does the following lets say i ping a server and this server is up and running how do i get the ping command to return a UP or a Down meaning if the command is true do this if the command is False do this ... (2 Replies)
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DPKG-PRECONFIGURE(8)						      Debconf						      DPKG-PRECONFIGURE(8)

dpkg-preconfigure - let packages ask questions prior to their installation SYNOPSIS
dpkg-preconfigure [options] package.deb dpkg-preconfigure --apt DESCRIPTION
dpkg-preconfigure lets packages ask questions before they are installed. It operates on a set of debian packages, and all packages that use debconf will have their config script run so they can examine the system and ask questions. OPTIONS
-ftype, --frontend=type Select the frontend to use. -pvalue, --priority=value Set the lowest priority of questions you are interested in. Any questions with a priority below the selected priority will be ignored and their default answers will be used. --terse Enables terse output mode. This affects only some frontends. --apt Run in apt mode. It will expect to read a set of package filenames from stdin, rather than getting them as parameters. Typically this is used to make apt run dpkg-preconfigure on all packages before they are installed. To do this, add something like this to /etc/apt/apt.conf: // Pre-configure all packages before // they are installed. DPkg::Pre-Install-Pkgs { "dpkg-preconfigure --apt --priority=low"; }; -h, --help Display usage help. SEE ALSO
debconf(7) AUTHOR
Joey Hess <> 2018-02-28 DPKG-PRECONFIGURE(8)

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