Add multiple parameters to environment file

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Add multiple parameters to environment file


I am connecting to oracle DB from a unix script and below is how I am logging in with the parameters. this works fine, but the script connects to the DB thrice in different places and everytime these parameters have to be mentioned... which increases the lines in my script. In order to reduce the lines in the script, I would like to add these parameters to the environment file (which contains the path details in an environment) in a single variable.

Below is the code:

PHP Code:
DATE_OF_RUN_DB=`sqlplus -s <<sqlEOF
set feedback off
set heading off
set linesize 5000
set pagesize 0
set echo off
whenever sqlerror exit failure
whenever oserror exit failure

I added the parameters below to the environment file as ORA_DB_PARMS like below. but it didn't work.

PHP Code:
cat env_file.ksh
set feedback off
set heading off
set linesize 5000
set pagesize 0
echo off
whenever sqlerror 
exit failure
whenever oserror 
exit failure 
Can some one help me how to add those parameters using a single variable in the environment file? I would like to add only one single variable called ORA_DB_PARMS which can contain all the parameters needed to connect to DB.

I am on Linux and my script is bash.

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You don't really need to export this. All you want is a shell variable.

If you don't put the text in quotes, it won't know it's all supposed to be in the variable and interpret them line by line.

set feedback off
set heading off
set linesize 5000
set pagesize 0
set echo off
whenever sqlerror exit failure
whenever oserror exit failure"

. oracleparams

sqlplus -s <<sqlEOF

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