file execution confusion

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id dsadm
uid=8293(dsadm) gid=2281(dstage) groups=2281(dstage),10009(IA),1006(db2ctrl),2283(dsadm1),6550(iauser),5000(loadl),3344(mft),2001(mqm ),668(sshallow),1001(hrtrans),10002(etldev),1000041(hrdw-dev),1002000(hrt)

id anumit01
uid=1000401(anumit01) gid=1000000(u-users) groups=1000000(u-users),1000151(etldeploy),10002(etldev),1000143(etltestdeploy)

# Permissions of script
-rwxr-xr-- 1 dsadm dstage 8841 2011-09-19 11:49 dsenv
These permissions give:
rwx   for Owner dsadm
r-x    for Group dstage
r--    for Other

Your user "anumit01" is not the Owner "dsadm" or in the Group "dstage".
Therefore the only way you can see the file is because there are read permissions for Other.
There are no execute permissions for Other BUT
if you start a Shell first you can read the script into the Shell and execute
it that way.

The fact that the two users share another secondary Group "etldev" is
largely irrelevant. Your user "anumit01" needs to be in secondary group "dstage" or alternatively the
script needs to owned by Group "etldev" or alternatively the permissions of the script for Other need to be "r-x".
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thanks a lot methyl , it was really helpfulSmilie

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