regularly copy files to different directory with different file extentions

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regularly copy files to different directory with different file extentions

I have a NAS and I upload my videos to it from time to time. the video format is 3gp but my media player PBO could only play avi. I want to copy these files to different directory and change the extention from 3gp to avi. (yes I want to keep the original version and create a duplicate version with different extention). Could anyone give me some hint which commands I should start to learn for this work. I want my arch linux to check the original folder daily for any newly added files. if there is any new files, then do the copy and change job.


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BACKUP(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 BACKUP(8)

backup - backup files SYNOPSIS
backup [-djmnorstvz] dir1 dir2 OPTIONS
-d At top level, only directories are backed up -j Do not copy junk: *.Z, *.bak, a.out, core, etc -m If device full, prompt for new diskette -n Do not backup top-level directories -o Do not copy *.o files -r Restore files -s Do not copy *.s files -t Preserve creation times -v Verbose; list files being backed up -z Compress the files on the backup medium EXAMPLES
backup -mz . /f0 # Backup current directory compressed backup /bin /usr/bin # Backup bin from RAM disk to hard disk DESCRIPTION
Backup (recursively) backs up the contents of a given directory and its subdirectories to another part of the file system. It has two typ- ical uses. First, some portion of the file system can be backed up onto 1 or more diskettes. When a diskette fills up, the user is prompted for a new one. The backups are in the form of mountable file systems. Second, a directory on RAM disk can be backed up onto hard disk. If the target directory is empty, the entire source directory is copied there, optionally compressed to save space. If the target directory is an old backup, only those files in the target directory that are older than similar names in the source directory are replaced. Backup uses times for this purpose, like make. Calling Backup as Restore is equivalent to using the -r option; this replaces newer files in the target directory with older files from the source directory, uncompressing them if necessary. The target directory con- tents are thus returned to some previous state. SEE ALSO
tar(1). BACKUP(8)

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