SFTP IF Condition

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SFTP IF Condition

Hi ,

I need to write a IF condition to know if a SFTP file transfer is successful or not and send email if its failed.
`sftp username@servername <<comm1
cd /directory
put filename

I use above commands for my connections. So please help me to write a IF statement.

I tried
SFTPTEST=`sftp username@servername <<comm1
cd /directory
put filename

if [ $SFTPTest eq 0];
echo "SFTP Successful"
echo "SFTP Failed"

But this didnt work...

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Try something like this
sftp username@servername <<comm1 > test.lis
 cd /directory
 put filename
 ls -l filename
 lls -l filename

retval=$(awk 'NR==2 {check1=$5}
       NR==3 {check2=$5}
       END{ if("check1" == "check2") { print "OK"} else {print  "NOT OK"}' test.lis)
echo "file transfer was $retval"

Verify that field number 5 in ls -l output is the field you want to check.
Change $5 in the awk script to match your needs.

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