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Help to parse csv file with shell script

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Old 01-18-2012
[Solved] Help to parse csv file with shell script

Hello !

I am very aware that this is not the first time this question is asked here, because I have already read a lot of previous answers, but none of them worked, so...
As said in the title, I want to read a csv file with a bash script.

Here is a sample of the file:

steev	YES	RGBA8888	0.55	2	2	2	2048
vahine	YES	RGBA8888	0.55	2	2	2	2048
winnick	YES	RGBA8888	0.55	2	2	2	2048

(Copied and pasted from Excel for Mac, but there should be ";")

And here is the simplified code I am trying to make work:

export IFS=";"

    more $file | while read name
        echo $name

And... it won't work. Nothing comes out.
If I just do "more $file", then I have a beautiful output:

(I could not reproduce it here, but the "^M" are written in white on a black background.)

I have tried using cat or echo instead of more, without success, I have even tried sed and awk with some of the many solutions given on the internet, but they did not work neither, and I would prefer not to use awk if possible, since I do not really understand it yet.

Another strange thing is that if I do:
    fileContent=$(more $file)
    echo $fileContent

Then I have as output only the last line of the file and not the others...

I am kind of stuck here, without any additionnal idea.
I don't even absolutely want to use csv files, it is just that this format is convenient if many people have to change the source file, so if you have in mind a format easier to read with bash, let me know.

I hope I've given all the needed information and that one of you will have an idea...
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Old 01-18-2012
Sorry I'm not a bash guy, but this works using ksh93 on Solaris. Perhaps it is easlily translated to bash:

Input file:
$ cat efs.csv


while IFS=',' read name val1 val2 rest_of_line
  print $name
done < efs.csv

exit 0

$ efs1

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Old 01-19-2012
Thanks for the try, but it does not work :/ The code you provided does not give anything in output Smilie

What is more, when I do a simple cat on my csv file, only the last line is displayed... Maybe there are some libs I don't have to support csv reading with bash ?
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Old 01-19-2012
dos2unix - convert text file from DOS format to ISO format .. Try with this ..
export IFS=";"
dos2unix $file $file 2>/dev/null
more $file | while read name
        echo $name

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Old 01-19-2012
Nothing more Smilie I've also tried mac2unix (since I'm on a Mac), but no result neither... If I write:

export IFS=";"
dos2unix $file $file 2>/dev/null
echo "about to read"
more $file | while read name
echo "a line"
echo $name
echo "end"

The only output I have is:

about to read


---------- Post updated at 03:45 PM ---------- Previous update was at 11:14 AM ----------

Wow, finally I got something that works... I could not explain why this works and not the other solution...

I used "-e" option of cat, which gives me the entire file, and then changed the "^M" with sed, and then splat it with tr... basically:

    cat -e $file | sed "s/\^M/\`/g") | while read name
        echo $name | tr "\`" "\n" | while read -ra line
            echo $line

And... it works... It's dirty, I don't understand it, but it works Smilie Thanks for the advises however!

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