Need to copy data from one position to another in file

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Need to copy data from one position to another in file


I need to write a script that will allow me to copy data from one position in a line to another position while changing the first 2 bytes of the data to a constant. Here is an example of a line of data before and what it needs to look like after. there are about 200 lines in the file.



I was trying to figure out a way to do using awk or sed but cannot figure it out. Any other ideas are welcome.

Thank you.
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Well, if the word you want to duplicate is always the last one, and F11 is to be replaced with F12 (three characters not two as you indicated in your text), then this will do it for you:

awk '
        n = $NF;
        sub( "^F11", "F12", n );
        printf( "%s,%s\n", $0, n );
' input-file >output-file

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