renaming multiple files using sed or awk one liner

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renaming multiple files using sed or awk one liner


I have a directory "test" under which there are 3 files a.txt,b.txt and c.txt.
I need to rename those files to, and respectively.
is it possible to achieve this in a sed or awk one liner?
i have searched but many of them are scripts.
I need to do this in a one liner.
I have tried this
ls *.txt|sed 's/*.txt/mv & &\.pl/'|sh

But its not working
Kindly help me

The below sed works fine:
ls *.txt|sed 's/\(.*\)txt/mv & \1pl/'|sh

Can anyone help me in awk oneliner?

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If you have solutions, why the requirement for a one-liner?
Why not re-write multi-line command to one-liner?

There must be more to this request.
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I'm guessing he's looking for a purpose-built batch renaming command. I don't know any that's installed by default, anywhere on anything...

If you can get it, mmv is pretty nice and fairly safe -- it will refuse to rename more than one file to the same name, et cetera.

mmv '*.txt' ''
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