Removing path name from list of file names

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Originally Posted by kristinu
I understand

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I am wondering what one would choose from the two commands below in a script,
especially when one is also using pipes and storing the result in variables.

echo /home/chrisd/tatsh/branches/terr0.50/darwin/*.msf

ls /home/chrisd/tatsh/branches/terr0.50/darwin/*.msf

depending on what you're after you might not need either.
From the purely shell perspective, the above two are the same.
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No question about it, the "ls" is the better choice because it deals with filenames containing space characters correctly. It also sorts the files to alphabetical order. You must put the list straight onto the pipeline.

ls /home/chrisd/tatsh/branches/terr0.50/darwin/*.msf | while read filename
           # Process here


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