alternative to the grep trick

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alternative to the grep trick


We used to use the below commands often.
ps -ef|grep [a]bc
ps -ef|grep abc|grep -v grep

Both fairly returns the same result.
For example, the process name is dynamic and we are having the process name in a variable, how we can apply the above trick.

For example "a" is the variable which contains the process name abc, then
ps -ef|grep $a|grep -v grep

This will work.
But how we can implement the other trick ,using [] in this case.
Any suggestions welcome.

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One way to do this:

a=`echo $a | sed "s/^\(.\)/[\1]/"`
ps -ef | grep $a

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Thanks!It's awesome!
$ export a=sched
$  ps -ef|grep `echo $a | sed "s/^\(.\)/[\1]/"`
    root     0     0  0   Oct 23 ?        0:26 sched

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But, is this really necessary? Wouldn't it rather be easier to just type ps -ef | grep $a | grep -v grep?
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Originally Posted by balajesuri
But, is this really necessary? Wouldn't it rather be easier to just type ps -ef | grep $a | grep -v grep?
Yes.But just for a learning.
Nothing wrong in learning i feel.

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Definitely not :-) Cheers
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As you say, learning is great, so why don't you just look at the ps man page? You're wasting your time with grep.

ps -fC sched

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