Merge 2 files and sum in ksh

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Thanks a lot ! yesterday I verified the same and my file 2 has no LUN* ...edited file 2 accordingly and it worked. Thanks again!!

now have an issue like few SGNAme:assfdf has no LUN's under it..then total capacity should be 0 but it is returning the previous S value as total capacity...
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Regarding your problem with the SGNAME that have no LUN in it, you can then run the slightly modified code below :

awk '{i=$1" "$2;z="Total Capacity"}NR==FNR{A[i]=$3;B[i]=$4;next}{y=x;x=$1}x~/:/{if(y) {print z"="s;s=0};print $0;next} {s+=A[i];print i,A[i],B[i]}END{print z"="s}' f2 f1


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