Updating software packages

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Updating software packages


I noticed that my programs are not up-to-date, when I go to the official web site of eg. transmission bittorent client I see the newest version is 2.4 and when I check my version , it's 2.0. What do I need to do to update it? I thought it's gonna be updated automatically but nothing. I ran apt-get update and apt-get upgrade but no dice.

Do I need to download software from web site and install it in order to be updated?
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To update what?
You say nothing about.. now did you mention your OS...
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Debian 6.0.3

For example updating Transmission bittorent client
how to update it if my current version is 2.0 and on their official website it's 2.4

Than wine, I checked my version it's 1.0.1 I think ( not sure ), and on winehq.org is 1.2.3

How to update these programs?

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