removing non printable characters

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removing non printable characters


in a file, i have records as below:

i want to remove the non printable characters after the end of each record.
I guess there are certain charcters but not visible.

i don't know what character that is exactly.

I used to use below command while getting outputs from unix commands:
sed -e '/^[\t]*//'

In this case i don't know what's the character.
How i can remove those characters?
Else is there any command to dispaly the ascii value for each character inside the file,?
so that we can trace out that character.

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Is the file in DOS format? Open in vi and check if you see ^M at the end of each line. If so, do this: :%s/<ctrl + V + M>//g
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cat -v filename

The above command will show the non printable characters.

Or use

od -c filename


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