File not found handling in ftp script

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File not found handling in ftp script

I have a pattern for filename to be searched.
I need to get the files from remote server Who are matching the file pattern.
And i need to exit with non zero return code for:

1)No files found matching that pattern

2)More than one files matching the name pattern.

If only one files is matching, then exit with zero return code.

Currently i am doing like in the below script:
ftp -in server<<EOF
user username pwd
cd $tgtdir
mget  Filepattern

if [ $? -ne 0 ]
echo "there are some issues in FTP"

cd $localpath
ls Filepattern

if [ $? -eq 2 ]
echo "File not found"
exit 3
echo "File transfer success"

cnt=`ls filepattern|wc -l`

if [ cnt -gt 1 ]
echo "More than one file"
exit 2
echo "Only one file"
exit 0

But i dont think , the above is not the good approach and that may lead to ugly false negatives in some cases.

Please suggest me, how i can achieve this.

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Why not capture ftp's output to see what files it retrieved?

ftp -in server >logfile 2>&1 <<EOF
user username pwd
cd $tgtdir
mget  Filepattern

How to process logfile depends on what its output actually is of course. FTP on my system probably doesn't look much like FTP on yours. Post a sample and we can help.

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