sudden poweroff ??

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Old 02-22-2005
Data sudden poweroff ??

Hi I am using unix for last few days. Here is my problem
during boot the machine stop giving video signal and I don't know what's happening.
When I ping (during boot) it from another machine it comes alive then goes out.
The power on the CPU is on all the time.

please help.
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Old 02-22-2005
Need some more information.
Are you using a UNIX or a GNU/Linux Distribution. Which one in particular? Name and release number.
Is the machine a laptop or a desktop model?
How old is the machine?
Did the machine boot-up with a video signal before? Does it boot-up with a video signal now, and then quickly shutdown, such as in a sleep stage?
Have you made any changes to the power management settings, APM?
How long after pinging the machine does it go back "out"?
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Old 02-22-2005
Is it a solaris machine. They will always drop the video signal during the initial POST. You won't get it back until the actual boot. The first time I booted my E5000, the screen was black for 5 minutes and I though the system was busted. Do you get the video signal back after bootup?
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Old 02-23-2005
yes my machine has normally booted up before but now it has this problem.
my machine is a old one given to me it is ALPHASTATION 500 it runs
on unix not linux. I did not change anything as I do not know how to.
Whenever I boot everything starts normally but after sometime (it depends) the
video signal goes out and I cannot ping it from other machine....
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Old 02-23-2005
it's like it is going to sleep state..
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Old 03-01-2005
Could you ping it before it goes black? The screen will blank out to save the monitor, but should come back when you move the mouse or press a key.
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Old 03-01-2005
Nope its not the Powersave of the Monitor. He shoul be able to ping it when the monitor goes power save. Probably it has something to do with the vieo card. Can you replace the Video card with the same model. Don't buy just find a working stock machine with the same model of video card then replace it with yours. From here we can isolate the problem.
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