Fdisk v/s parted

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Old 02-23-2011
Fdisk v/s parted

Just started understanding linux filesystem and partition utilities.

I was going though some video tutorials by CBT nuggets and the author was cursing fdisk as fuzzy tool and recommending to use parted instead.

In our job environment i have seen almost every one using fdisk utility for partitioning and other filesystem related tasks.

I would be glad if some one put light on this.
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Old 02-23-2011
I don't know of a general vilification of fdisk.

if [[ $tool = "reliable" && $tool = "sufficient" && $tool != "overly complex to use" ]]; then
     use $tool

exit 0

Maybe ask your coworker about details, what he thinks it is fuzzy with it and decide yourself.
I like to use cfdisk - what now?! Smilie

my 2cents
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