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Best way to learn UNIX


I am the ultimate noob when it comes to UNIX. Apart from a few basic thing like ls -l and mkdir (and that really is about as good as it gets) I know absolutely nothing about UNIX and I want to learn it and get better!

I'm sure like with most things, just getting stuck in and trying things out is a great place to start and I will ensure I set myself up with a UNIX box at home in order to do this. However, if you have something to follow or try out then this always helps. So is there any kind of really basic self-study or anything that you suggest?

Basically I am open to all your suggestions. I guess you guys all started somewhere as well! Smilie So now I just need your advice on the best way to start and to go from there.

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I would suggest that you start by learning GNU/Linux which is a fairly close clone of traditional Unix operating systems.
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you could try like SuSe or ubuntu and run it from CD without installing until you feel comfortable. But if you can find a older PC and install a test and burn system you can learn a lot from break fix.
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I'm just staring out in Linux and use various training options. In my experience for absolute beginner "Linux for Dummies" book is a good place to start. Don't lister to what advanced users say, as it the books that helps in beginning (especially for long time windows user). Don't get "bible" books, I have one and it is a bad choice for a beginner. I tried online training with few providers which is a joke and scam. Unix academy makes some good DVDs that helped with command line basics. I found free 2 days course in local community college which wasn't good (slow, bad computers 3 people per computer etc)

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