How to echo the parth ?

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Hammer & Screwdriver How to echo the parth ?

I would like to be able to echo my current path by using
echo $pwd. but it's not working.
Can someone tell me what's wrong with it?

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just like that gives you the current working directory

echo $PATH

gives you the PATH variable - a list of directories in your PATH
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You can also overide the current value of PS1 (this sets your primary prompt). Assuming Korn Shell:

export PS1='$PWD--> '

will produce a command prompt like the following (and will be updated with your present working directory as you navigate your system):

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give the commnad like this :

echo `pwd`
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MySQL echo `pwd`

Thank you bhargav!
This is the command I was looking for.
but how come mine doesn't work?

Is there any rules to follow for this kind of command to work?
Especially what does ` ` mean here? How to use it?
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You don't even need to use echo, what's the point?

Just a simple pwd at the command line will do.

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Lightbulb pwd

You are right.
I am learning to write shell script.
I did see some people write echo `pwd` in the script.
If it's the same as pwd, why people write echo `pwd`in the script?

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