Unable to write to a file within a loop

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Old 11-15-2010
Unable to write to a file within a loop

Hi All,

Following is the program that i have written in cygwin. The redirection of the unfound $param1 to error.txt file doesnt work.Can any one help?

sed 's/ //g' "$fname" > fname1
while read i
    echo $i > file1
    #param1 is script name
    param1=`awk -F , '{print $1}' file1`
    #param2 is BL
    param2=`awk -F , '{print $2}' file1`
    #param3 is folder name
    param3=`awk -F , '{print $3}' file1`
    #create config spec file
    echo "element * $param2" > cs.txt
    echo "element * /main/LATEST" >> cs.txt
    #cat cs.txt
    #create directory structure
    mkdir -p "$param3"
    #Map UCM drive
    cd /cygdrive/m/ht62_ucm/GIS_COMP
    cleartool setcs -tag ht62_ucm d:/prj/cs.txt
    echo set config spec status is $?
    fscript1=`cleartool find ./$param3 -element "lbtype_sub($param2)" -name $param1 -print`
    if [ "$fscript1" = "" ]
	echo script $param1 not found >> error.txt
	echo script $param1 is found
	fscript2=`echo "$fscript1" | sed 's/@@//g'`
	echo copying file...
	cp $fscript2 "/cygdrive/d/prj/$param3" 2>/dev/null
    cd /cygdrive/d/prj
done < fname1
echo Copy complete

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Old 11-15-2010
Put a "set -x" before fname=$1 and when you execute the script,
it will show you the result of each command.


set -x

echo $fname

./blah.sh myfile.dat
+ fname=myfile.dat
+ echo myfile.dat

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