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files between any two given dates

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Old 08-04-2004
Lightbulb files between any two given dates

Can any one help me in getting all the files between any two given dates..
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Old 08-04-2004
try something like this:

touch -t $olddate ./tmpoldfile
touch -t $newdat ./tmpnewfile
find /path/to/directory -type f  -newer a ./tmpoldfile ! -newer  a ./tmpnewfile

the "-newer a " means access time, you can use "-newer m " for modify time
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Old 08-06-2004
Thanks for the help... It is working as per expectations..
Is it possible to do this with sed /awk /fgrep...
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Old 06-15-2006

This might be of interest to anyone reading this thread:


...thanks again all,

B14... aka... marky mark...
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Old 04-26-2007
if i add this in a shell script it gives error stating the following:

date: bad conversion
date: bad conversion
find: cannot access tmpoldfile

can you suggest on how to go about putting it inside a script alltogether
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Old 07-10-2007
I have a load of logfiles,

Jul 5 07:03 MSG_sdfd_dsfsdf_sdfsdfsdf_070705_123116.gz
Jul 6 08:03 MSG_sdf_sdfsdfsd_sdfsdf_070705_181255.gz
Jul 6 14:03 MSG_sdf_sdfsdf_sdfdsfsdf_070705_224108.gz
Jul 6 20:03 MSG_sdf_sdfsdf_sdfdsfsd_070706_034803.gz
Jul 7 01:03 MSG_sdf_sdfsdf_sdfsdfdsf_070706_065025.gz
Jul 7 06:03 MSG_sdf_sdfsdf_sdfsdf_070706_081903.gz
Jul 8 10:03 MSG_sdf_sdfdsf_sdfsdf_070706_092214.gz
Jul 8 17:03 MSG_sdf_sdfsdf_sdfsdf_070706_144128.gz

I want to search through them using the bold text below which is the file creation date as the starting date/time and the file last modified date as the end date/time


Ive been using the code already in this thread to search by 2 modified date/time. But how can I combine the 2?
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Old 07-11-2007
So I'm using the tmpfile solution as already discussed in this thread. But What I'm currently doing is using 2 Find commands, 1 which finds everything with mtime in between the 2 temp files and the 2nd to find the files by the name I want.

But sometimes I get duplicate entries, cos sometimes files exist which have the mtime and file name I'm looking for. So I have to not select them. Then I combine the results from both finds and display the result.

But I cant figure out how to do this with 1 find

@results = `find . -type f  -newer ./tmpoldfile ! -newer ./tmpnewfile`;

@results2 = `find . \\( -name *$h$i$b$c* -o -name *$h2$i2$b2$c2* \\)`;

My attempt at combining the 2, but I need to a not and expression, does that exist?
#@results3 = `find . -type f \\( \\( -newer ./tmpoldfile ! -newer ./tmpnewfile \\) -a \\( -name *$h$i$b$c* -o -name *$h2$i2$b2$c2* \\) \\) -ls`;

foreach $name (@results)

        if ($name =~ m/(^.*)([0-9][0-9])([0-9][0-9])([0-9][0-9])_([0-9][0-9])([0-9][0-9])([0-9][0-9])(.*$)/)

                        $creation_date = "20$2/$3/$4";
                        $creation_time = "$5:$6:$7";

        if ("$creation_date $creation_time" ge "$date $time" && "$creation_date $creation_time" le "$date2 $time2") {

        } else {
                push(@logfile, $name);


        foreach $name (@results2)

                if ($name =~ m/(^.*)([0-9][0-9])([0-9][0-9])([0-9][0-9])_([0-9][0-9])([0-9][0-9])([0-9][0-9])(.*$)/)

                        $creation_date = "20$2/$3/$4";
                        $creation_time = "$5:$6:$7";

        if ("$creation_date $creation_time" ge "$date $time" && "$creation_date $creation_time" le "$date2 $time2") {

                push(@logfile, $name);

        } else {


Then I print and work with the results.


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