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For Loop for a list of tab delimited variables

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Question For Loop for a list of tab delimited variables


I need to run a command for a set of input variables that are present in a tab delimited file, a sample of which is shown below:
1    3749
1    4129
1    5980
2    6201
2    9925
2    6894
3    1338
3    6477
3    6242
3    3632

Every row represents the two input values that my command will take and give results. How can I do this with a 'for' loop?


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This is much better done in a 'while' than 'for' loop.

The read builtin by default breaks on all whitespace, tabs included. To break on only tabs, set the IFS variable to a tab.
while read A B
        command $A $B
done < inputfile

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