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Old 04-27-2004
Data Admintool

I am new to unix....How do I enable XWindows... Or for that matter, use Admintool. .....Pls. help.


PS. I am running Solaris 8.
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Old 04-27-2004
to use admintool you need to be part of the root or sysadmin group.

if you have the xserver running on your desktop then you can just execute the command admintool and it will start.

if your xclient/xserver is not running then you need to start the dt services. (/etc/rc2.d/S99dtlogin).

this is all assumeing though that you have installed all the required packages to enable the server to display graphix.

i would like to add thought for posterity sake admintool is dumbed down ALOT and you will have much more control/options avaliable useing the commandline utilities that the interface provides.

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Old 04-28-2004
Admintool --tried your suggestion

I tried your suggestion....did not work. I get a message ' command not found'. (/etc/rc2.d/S99dtlogin)
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Old 04-28-2004
I agree, admintool is not really worthwhile unless you want to know some info for your cert test (if that is worthwhile).

As for enabling X. It may not even be installed on your server. When I build servers, its from the standpoint of less is more. Does a 'pkginfo' show the X11 packages? If dtlogin isn't already running, there is probably not going to be an rc link to the init script in rc2.d. Take a look at /etc/init.d/dtlogin.

It really sounds like you aren't making some basic troubleshooing efforts. Look to see if a script is there before trying to run it. Even more so, understand the implications of what it is you are starting before doing so.


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