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Output text from 1st paragraph in file w/ a specific string through last paragraph of file w/ string

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Old 04-09-2010
Tools Output text from 1st paragraph in file w/ a specific string through last paragraph of file w/ string

Hi, I'm trying to output all text from the first paragraph in a file that contains a specific string through the last paragraph in that file that contains that string.

Previously, I was outputting just each paragraph with that search string with:

cat in_file | nawk '{RS=""; FS="\n"; ORS="\n\n"; OFS="\n"} /searchstring/ {print}' > out_file

The problem I've ran into is that that search string does not always appear in some paragraphs that are logged between the 1st and last occurrences.

Any ideas to make this happen?

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Old 04-09-2010
First off you get a useless use of cat award.

What you want is a bit trickier than just grepping for something, since it means needing to store lines until you've processed the whole file... Does your system have bash or perl? I'd write a script.



exec 5>$TMP

while IFS="" read LINE
        case "$MODE" in
                if [[ "$LINE" =~ $STRING ]]
                        echo "$LINE"
        mid)    if [[ "$LINE" =~ $STRING ]]
                        cat $TMP
                        echo $LINE
                        echo > $TMP
                        exec 5>$TMP
                        echo "$LINE" >&5
done <<EOF
a b

rm -f $TMP

To pipe stdin through it instead of the here-document, simply delete everything from <<EOF to EOF.
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Old 04-09-2010
Thanks, that should work great

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