Kill a debug command

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Kill a debug command

once I run the debug command for a program, I can't get back to the prompt afterwards. I'm sure there is some escape sequence that will get me back there, but I don't know what it is. Anyone know?--thanks--AJ
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control - c will kill it, control - z will suspend it in the background. after pressing control - z you can type fg to bring the process back to the foreground.
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I run into this problem with a few different UNIX commands.

For example, grep.

At the prompt of a terminal session I ran: grep sshd

and nothing happens.

I tried control-z and control-c,

but beneath the grep sshd command I typed, it just prints the output as:


I'm sure there is some simple way to get back to the command line and kill the current command, but I've not figured it out yet.
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Your interrupt character is what you're looking for. It is usually control-c, but it can be configured. Use the command "stty -a" to see what yours is.

And "stty intr ^c" (typed literally as you see it) will set intr to be control-c.

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