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Old 03-02-2010
Scripting - process and user ids...Help please

Hello all:

Working on a job I was asked get a simple script to perform the following task and would like to ask for some help. I'm looking forward to learning more and diving deeper into the World of Open Source servers.

I need a script for a Unix server, using as few lines as possible, that generates a list of users that have active processes on a server and the number of processes for each of those users.

I know the basic scripting and syntax of creating structured code creation as I had to take a bunch of programming classes in college, and have created many batch apps in the command line world.
I'm assuming there is a show process command, and for some reason I want to say it's something like sho usr or close to that.
If it was commented out that would be really great too.

Would someone please be so kind to assist me or have an old one lying around?
Many thanks in advance for your consideration,
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Old 03-02-2010
MySQL Solution

Try this ,

echo -e "Name\t\tNo of Process"
for name in `users | tr ' ' '\n' |uniq`
        count=`ps -U $name | wc -l`
        let count=$count-1
        echo -e "$name \t\t $count"

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Old 03-02-2010

ps -ef | awk 'NR>1{ print $1 }' | sort | uniq -c

Sample output:

   4 aja1
   8 root
   2 stu1

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Old 03-02-2010
Thanks so much!

Here is what I was coming up on my own.

I understand most of what is happening, however could you let me know If I'm interpreting your example correctly?

ps, by itself, shows you information about only your processes. To learn more about all of the processes that are running, use the -ef options with the ps command.
$ ps -ef UID   PID  PPID  C    STIME TTY      TIME COMD
root     0     0  0   Mar 18 ?        0:01 sched
root     1     0  0   Mar 18 ?        1:09 /sbin/init
root   286   279  0   Mar 23 ?        0:08 /usr/lib/saf/ttymon
root   279     1  0   Mar 23 ?        0:04 /usr/lib/saf/sac -t 300
root   262     1  0   Mar 23 ?        0:02 /usr/X/bin/xdm
aja1 11687   262  0 16:37:28 ?        1:10 /usr/X/bin/xdm
aja1 17764 11687  0 07:57:51 ?        0:03 -wksh
root   288   279  0   Mar 23 ?        0:05 /usr/lib/saf/ttymon
aja1 17867 17866  0 08:08:47 pts/2    0:04 wksh
root   344     1  0   Mar 23 ?        0:01 /usr/lib/lpsched
root   326     1  0   Mar 23 ?        5:25 /usr/sbin/cron
aja1 18333 18154  0 09:03:40 pts/3    0:00 wksh
stu1 19305 19286 31 10:58:19 pts/4    0:01 ps -ef
stu1 19207 17867  0 10:52:50 pts/2    0:01 -ksh
$ _}

I understand most of what is happening, however could you let me
know If I'm interpreting your example correctly?

Can you show me an example of your output? I'm at home and can't try it myself. I would be very appreciative.
I realize I'm being a pain, however If you can I'd be very happy.

Many thanks,

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If I was going to be contructing this in good form:

I thought it might look something like what I started below and commented out so even a newby like me can quickly look at it and see what is happening.

I like to have the output be formatted in a manner that is a little more self explanitory.

Can you let me know if I'm on the right track? Am I missing something fundamental? Am I doing something stupid? All assistance is most welcome.


# Title........: serv_u_p
# Description..: Displays Server user and processes
# Author.......: Mo Ahten - TBD 
# Contact......: moahten_____
# Last Modified: 03/01/10 
# Begin script
$ ps –ef >> serv_u_p.txt
# End Script

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Old 03-02-2010

This is how my script works,

   echo -e "Name\t\tNo of Process"
for name in `users | tr ' ' '\n' |uniq`
        count=`ps -U $name | wc -l`
        let count=$count-1
        echo -e "$name \t\t $count"

I get the users who have the processes by the command sequence "users | tr ' ' '\n' |uniq".The command "users" will give the user name with some process.Then I align the output and get the result as all the users.

like ,


The using the user name I get the number of process running for the users by using the "ps -U $name | wc -l".

The reason for removing the count is by one is that the ps will give the output with its header.

Here is the output ,

     Name                       No of Process
     karthigayan              43
     aaa                             36
     bbb                             57
     ccc                              39

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