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Shell script to rename or change file extension case.

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Old 01-06-2010
Shell script to rename or change file extension case.

I searched the forum, but there was different type of rename.


I have files in folder.



and how to rename or change file extension case to

xxxxxxx3.tar or to xxxxxx3.TAR.GZ.

I think if rename works, then it can change lower/uppercase too hopefully.
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Old 01-06-2010


for name in `ls -1 | grep -v $0`
        file_name=`echo $name|cut -d. -f1 `
        file_ext=`echo $name |cut -d. -f2-3 |tr -t [:lower:] [:upper:]`
        echo mv $name $file_name.$file_ext

just delete the echo and this will do your job.


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Old 01-06-2010
Thanks that is good but maybe someone has more solutions ?
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Old 01-09-2010


usage () {
  echo "Usage: $0 fromext toext"
  echo "Example: $0 htm html"

if [ -z "$1" ] || [ -z "$2" ]
  echo "Too few arguments."
  exit 0
if [ -n "$3" ]
  echo "Too many arguments."
  exit 0

filelist=`find . -type f -name "*.$fromext"`

changeext () {
  while read file
    newname=`echo "$file" | sed "s/\(.*\.\)${fromext}$/\1$toext/"`
    mv "$file" "$newname"

if [ -n "$filelist" ]
  echo "$filelist" | changeext
  echo "No files to process."

exit 0

Can anyone remove recursive method here and change the file to work like this:

sh failname.txt failname.TXT(whatever extension)

where failname.txt is changing its extension to failname.TXT or failname.mp3

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Old 01-10-2010
1. what do you mean by remove recursive method ?!

2. If you have the rename command, you can do it very simply.

rename s/.html/.htm/ *.html

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Old 01-10-2010
I want that script to work file by file.

Not all files. At the moment it changes all png files for example.

I dont want simple solution. I want a bit advanced solution like that script, but without changing all files, but having chance to change file by file.

PS! I need to change whatever file extension to whatever file extension so rename isnt a good one. Ok I can make it rename rename s/.$1l/.$2/ *.$3, but it isnt the problem solved thing.

Thanks. Maybe someone will help me now.

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