Need help with printf

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Need help with printf

I have just completed my first script (Smilie) and now i just need to format it with printf.
This is what I have:
df -m | grep -v ":"|grep -v Free|grep -v "/proc"| while read FSYSTEM BLKS FREE U
#set -x
(( INUSE = $BLKS - $FREE ))
(( TOTB = $INUSE + $TOTB ))
(( TOTF = $BLKS - $INUSE ))
(( TOTI = $TOTB  - $FREE ))
echo Total Blocks  Total Free  Total In Use 
echo  $TOTB  $TOTF  $TOTI

And this is what I would like the return to look like:
 FSYSTEM         BLKS       FREE         INUSE         MOUNTEDON
/dev/hd4      1024.00        966.60       58             /
/dev/hd2      3392.00        288.55       3104          /usr
/dev/hd9var  2048.00        1976.46     72             /var
/dev/hd3      2048.00        1834.09     214           /tmp
/dev/hd1      1536.00        698.94       838          /home
/dev/hd10opt 1024.00      556.55       468          /opt
/dev/fslv00    30720.00     13025.69    17695       /aix52_save_s
/dev/fslv01    1024.00       1023.52     1              /var/adm/perf
/dev/nmon_lv 1600.00 1   584.19       16             /nmondata

Total Blocks         Total Free              Total In Use
22466                 1584                      20882

could somebody please help me figure out where, and what exactly to put in for the printf command. I have read through the man page on printf and am still unclear about what to do.

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Try something like this:

printf "%-17s%-11s%-13s%-14s%s\n" $FSYSTEM $BLKS $FREE $INUSE $MOUNTEDON

instead of:


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Thank you very much. it worked perfect.
I added it in to the other lines also.

Thanks again

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