Is this grep command correct?

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Is this grep command correct?


I need to know if I have got the following grep command correct. I wanted to find from myfile.txt all signed real numbers (e.g. +5.0, -78, but not 5.0, 5 are not).

I have thought about it and decided it was this:

grep '[+-]' myfile.txt

but I was wondering if this was correct. If not, could you tell me what is wrong?
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Why not just test it?

Test it against:

Hello - world
Joe + Mary

See if it gets you want you want (it won't, yet, if all you're looking for is NUMBERS...)
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Well myfile.txt contains only numbers. and was just thinking that

grep '[+-]' myfile.txt

would be the command. It seemed to work anyway, but I can't be too sure thats why I asked here.

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