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sun micro systems??????

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Old 04-29-2003
Question sun micro systems??????

hi i'm a newbe to sun 9 is there any games or apps like linux in the sun os i'm runnig on a x86 p3 866 with a g4force 2 mx400
and a 4 gb hdd and a oss sound card and a 3com eather net card and 396mb of ram and a hot swaper drives my other drive is linux mandrake 9 pretty good but i want to try sun9 i downloaded it and installed it but the mod probe will not let me see my screen my screen is a kds 15" screen i relly don't know the res it can handle or 50/60 hrz

any way i got in installed then reboot and now the cbm will not show up it showed in the interactive setp and i x the box with my hdd to boot

am i doing something wrong? and all so is there cdr sofe for x86 sun and were to get it and befor i did the 2nd reinstall it asked me to a fsck and asked me to 512= relly don'n know what is means any ways is there help man pages or help place in the sun os 9?

thanx jason
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Old 04-30-2003
I doubt very much that there are games that can run on Solaris, from memory KDE now works on Solaris so you can play Battleship.

Have you done a search of the forum? I'm sure there's plenty to be found here regarding supported hardware.
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Old 05-02-2003
you might be able to find an old game called "Hack", i beleive the newest version these days is called Net Hack. Game is sort of a basic version of dungeons & dragons...pretty fun though once you get into it....its you and your dog decending level by level fighting hob goblins, bats, and other monsters. There are shops and shop keeppers to trade with....its a never ending game (have never been to the last level)

I think this started as a unix originil back in the early 80s maybe even late 70s. I first played it when I was about 9 on DOS but now it now runs on just about every a goodle search for Hack or Net Hack if interested

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