Du command takes too long to respond

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Old 04-07-2020
Du command takes too long to respond

I understand that my folder has huge amount of files / data.

When I fire the command du -sm * its been running past 30 minutes with NO output on my AiX system.

ls -ltr command returns output fairly quick from inside the same folder.

My objective is the list files / folders consuming maximum space.

Is there way I can optimize the command to get the desired output in less time ? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Old 04-07-2020
Its not the same computing size especially if so many files than just list...Because it after has to add total of each subdirectory etc...
What is /data? a file system? in which case why not just
du -sm /data

and where it gets complicated is if you have NFS mounted on top...
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Old 04-09-2020
Is /data ia separata file system? Then you can quickly query it with a statfs() e.g. df /data. (Maybe you need some options like df -Pk /data.)
But if you need to break it down then you must use du.
Here is a command that I often use for cleanup:
du -akx "$@" | sort -k1,1n | tail -100

I have used "$@" so it will take arguments when it is placed in a function or in a script. (Without arguments du defaults to .)
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