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Using multiple conditions in sed

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# 1  
Using multiple conditions in sed

Hello Experts,



I need to print (using sed) details of Cooker which are Available.

I tried the following code:

sed -n '/Cooker/,/Available/p' Sample.txt

But I am not getting the desired result

I am using BASH shell.

Could you please help.

Thank you.
# 2  
This would be easy with grep

grep Cooker  Sample.txt | grep Available

# 3  
Thank you.

I am aware of using grep in order to achieve the desired result.
However, I wished to try it using sed.

Could you please let me know how this can be done using sed.
# 4  
sed '/Cooker.*Available$/!d' Sample.txt

But as @Neo showed 'grep' here is the best option
You can change a little
grep 'Cooker.*Available$' Sample.txt

--- Post updated at 19:21 ---

More options
sed -nr 's/.*Cooker#(.*)#Available$/\1/p' Sample.txt
grep -oP 'Cooker#\K.*(?=#Available$)' Sample.txt

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