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Picking script options in bash

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Picking script options in bash

I would like to select a particular file by passing an option to a bash script so that I can call another
program to compile an outline of some documents I have

But I am getting an error when running the script, for example

./ --Segpi
./ line 154: syntax error: unexpected end of file


# ----------------------------------------------------------------------



OLDIFS="$IFS"  # Save IFS (splits arguments on whitespace by default)
IFS="|="       # Split arguments on "|" and "="
set -- $*      # Set positional parameters to command line arguments
IFS="$OLDIFS"  # Set original IFS

while [ "$#" -gt 0 ]; do

  iarg=$(( iarg + 1 ))

  case "$1" in

    # Sets the image density

    # Sets the image density

    # Sets the image density

    # Sets the image density

    # Sets the image density

      arg_file="$arg_file ${1}"


  # Skip ahead to the next argument
  shift 1



# * [Part I]

# * [Part II]

# * [Part III]

if [ -z "${arg_Smirs+X}" ]; then
elif if [ -z "${arg_Capav+X}" ]; then
elif if [ -z "${arg_Igmfn+X}" ]; then
elif if [ -z "${arg_Segpi+X}" ]; then
elif if [ -z "${arg_Exads+X}" ]; then
elif if [ -z "${arg_Isemi+X}" ]; then
elif if [ -z "${arg_Cocpl+X}" ]; then
elif [ -z "${arg_file+X}" ]; then


Last edited by Danette; 02-17-2020 at 07:08 PM..
# 2  
I'd start by removing the leading space from the first line: #!/bin/bash - there should be no leading space before the #
Also there're 94 lines in the code sample you gave and the complain is for line 154...
# 3  
If I put the exit before the if section, I do not get the error. And the script works when I remove the if section for options.
# 4  
what is this supposed to do? elif [ ! -"${arg_file+X}" ]; then
also don't forget the comment about #!/bin/bash - otherwise it's not a bash script

Last edited by vgersh99; 02-17-2020 at 06:51 PM..
# 5  
The space when calling bash was a mistake when pasting the code. I have fixed the -z problem. Small mistake when
I was trying various things to try to get things to work out.

Originally Posted by vgersh99
what is this supposed to do? elif [ ! -"${arg_file+X}" ]; then
also don't forget the comment about #!/bin/bash - otherwise it's not a bash script
# 6  
Originally Posted by Danette
The space when calling bash was a mistake when pasting the code. I have fixed the -z problem. Small mistake when
I was trying various things to try to get things to work out.
so you're good to go?
# 7  
No. I fixed the -z but still getting the error. The error line it complains about is a blank line at the end of the script.

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