Convert String to an Array using shell scripting in JSON file.

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Convert String to an Array using shell scripting in JSON file.

This is the sample json I have pasted here. I want all the IP address strings to be converted into an array. For example "" has to be converted to [""] everywhere in the JSON. There are multiple IPs in a JSON I am pasting one sample object from the JSON. But the IPs already in an Array should not be altered.

{"network_ip_v4_address": "","mac_address": "A0:12:34:45","network_ip_v4_address":["",""]}

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The clean way to do this is to read the JSON file into an array (process the JSON) and then write back to JSON in the format you desire.

There are many JSON libs to do this in Javascript, PHP, Python and yes, even with shell utilities:

Maybe try jq ?

jq is like sed for JSON data - you can use it to slice and filter and map and transform structured data with the same ease that sed , awk , grep and friends let you play with text. jq is written in portable C, and it has zero runtime dependencies.

I'm not a jq user, because I process all my JSON in either Javascript, PHP or Python, but there are some folks here who are certainly jq users.
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Not a big expert on jq but with a bit of playing around I got this to work:

jq 'if .network_ip_v4_address | type == "string" then .network_ip_v4_address |= [ . ] else . end' infile

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After reading your request again it appears you want to identify an IP addresses in any non-array JSON data array and convert it to an array.

input :
{"adaptor" : "ip01" , "gateway" : "" , "net_mask" : "" }
{"ip_v4_address": "","mac_address": "A0:12:34:45"}
{"adaptor": "ip12", "network_ip_v4_address":["",""]}

{"adaptor" : "ip01" , "gateway" : [""] , "net_mask" : [""]}
{"ip_v4_address" : [""] , "mac_address" : "A0:12:34:45"}
{"adaptor" : "ip12" , "network_ip_v4_address" : ["",""]}

I have written a decend(f) function that applies f recursively to every component, this is similar to the walk(f) function already in jq, except it doesn't apply f to all the array elements. I then use this to identify any string values which are IP addresses and convert them to an array:

jq -c '
def decend(f):
  . as $in | 
  if type == "object"
      reduce keys[] as $key
      ( {}; . + { ($key) : ($in[$key] | decend(f)) } ) | f
  else f

   if type == "string" and
   then [ . ] 
   else . 
   end)' infile

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Not sure why it is not working for me. I am getting the output but without the IP address in String.



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It's not valid to have same key multiple times in the one record. Try running your input thru a JSON validator
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Its working thank you so much.

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How to permanently apply these changes to the file.
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