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Tip to remove line endings and spaces on a pre-formatted text file?

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Tip to remove line endings and spaces on a pre-formatted text file?


At the moment, using Notepad++ to do a search and replace, manually section by section which is real painful. Yeah, so copying each section of the line of text and putting into a file and then search and replace, need at least 3-operations in Notepad++.

Here's hoping I will be able to get some help on how to do this via some script or sed/awk combination maybe?

Basically, I have an Oracle tnsnames,.ora file that contains several section of text like below. So, there will be lots of the following, I just listed two of them at the moment.

Code: =
 ) =

I need to convert it to so that it rids itself of the spaces and line endings so that it now looks as below:

Code: =

Please advise. Thanks.
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awk '{$1=$1; sub (/=/,"=\n")} 1' OFS="" RS=" \)\n" ORS=" )\n" file

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