Negative decimal to binary

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Originally Posted by Neo
Please check this (above) for accuracy... thanks.
[nez@rox unix]$ D2B=($(eval echo $(printf %.s\{0,1} {0..15})))
[nez@rox unix]$ echo ${D2B[127]}
[nez@rox unix]$ echo ${D2B[-127]}
[nez@rox unix]$ echo ${D2B[1]}
[nez@rox unix]$ echo ${D2B[-1]}
[nez@rox unix]$ echo ${D2B[32767]}
[nez@rox unix]$ echo ${D2B[-32767]}
[nez@rox unix]$ bash --version
GNU bash, версия 5.0.7(1)-release (x86_64-redhat-linux-gnu)

invert and add one, everything is correct.
possibly this?
D2B=($(eval echo $(printf %.s'{0,1}' {0..15})))

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Originally Posted by wisecracker
Nice and I thanked the post but...
Be aware, this only works in ksh93 and zsh on Apple gear.
'bash 3.2.x which is all we have with Apple, and POSIX' is a non-starter.
You should still be able to do:
$ D2B=({0,1}{0,1}{0,1}{0,1}{0,1}{0,1}{0,1}{0,1})
$ echo ${D2B[256-127]}

$ echo ${D2B[${#D2B[*]}-127]}

This User Gave Thanks to Chubler_XL For This Post:
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Hi Chubler_XL...

I have never seen that before, thanks a lot.
Just shows how much I don't know. Once seen never forgotten...
(But sadly, it won't work in dash.)
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