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Issue with search and replacing multiple items in multiple files

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Issue with search and replacing multiple items in multiple files

Im having an issue when trying to replace the first column with a new set of values in multiple files. The results from the following code only replaces the files with the last set of values in val.txt. I want to replace all the files with all the values.

for date in {1..31}
for val in `cat val.txt`
fid=$(awk -F"," '$2 == "'$val'" { print $3 }' $csv)
awk '$1=='${val}'{$1='${fid}'}{print}' data-${date}.txt > data-${date}-new.txt

For instance:


01  001  1.062
01  003  0.216
01  005  1.89
01  007  0.828
02  001  1.44
02  003  -3.492
02  005  -4.536
03  147  -0.144
03  149  0.216
04  001  -0.144
04  003  -1.62

The result I was hoping for was this in all of the files:

01  001  1.062
01  003  0.216
01  005  1.89
01  007  0.828
04  001  1.44
04  003  -3.492
04  005  -4.536
05  147  -0.144
05  149  0.216
06  001  -0.144
06  003  -1.62

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Why that complicated? Try
awk '
FNR == 1        {FC++
                 FN = FILENAME
                 sub (/.txt/, "-new&", FN)
FC == 1         {VAL[$1]
FC == 2         {CSV[$2] = $3
$1 in VAL       {$1 = CSV[$1]
                {print >  FN

' FS=, val.txt file/location/csv FS=" " data-*.txt

It will read the val and csv files and put their values into respective arrays, and then pick any data*.text file around and convert it into a "new" one. If you want to restrict the file selection to 1 .. 31 but skip non-exististing ones, try using shell patterns. You may need to adapt the field separator FS.
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