AIX - mirror a jfs2log

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AIX - mirror a jfs2log

Hi everybody,

I have a little problem with my AIX 6.1, PowerHA 6.1 LVM mirroring.

I accidentally created logical volume cpsabcd2lv with external jfs2log loglv00 in the same volume group cpsdata2vg. Then I mirrored LV cpsabcd2lv on the second LUN in VG cpsdata2vg. My journal is unmirrored and only on one LUN.

# lsvg cpsdata2vg
VOLUME GROUP:       cpsdata2vg               VG IDENTIFIER:  00fb518c00004c0000000169445f4c2c
VG STATE:           active                   PP SIZE:        1024 megabyte(s)
VG PERMISSION:      read/write               TOTAL PPs:      6142 (6289408 megabytes)
MAX LVs:            256                      FREE PPs:       441 (451584 megabytes)
LVs:                2                        USED PPs:       5701 (5837824 megabytes)
OPEN LVs:           2                        QUORUM:         2 (Enabled)
TOTAL PVs:          2                        VG DESCRIPTORS: 3
STALE PVs:          0                        STALE PPs:      0
ACTIVE PVs:         2                        AUTO ON:        no
Concurrent:         Enhanced-Capable         Auto-Concurrent: Disabled
VG Mode:            Concurrent
Node ID:            1                        Active Nodes:       2 3 4
MAX PPs per VG:     32768                    MAX PVs:        1024
LTG size (Dynamic): 256 kilobyte(s)          AUTO SYNC:      no
HOT SPARE:          no                       BB POLICY:      relocatable
PV RESTRICTION:     none                     INFINITE RETRY: no
DISK BLOCK SIZE:    512                      CRITICAL VG:    no

 # lspv
hdisk36         00fb518c4457e71a                    cpsdata2vg      concurrent
hdisk37         00fb518c4457f895                    cpsdata2vg      concurrent

# lslv -l loglv00
PV                COPIES        IN BAND       DISTRIBUTION
hdisk36           001:000:000   100%          000:001:000:000:000

 # lsvg -l cpsdata2vg
LV NAME             TYPE       LPs     PPs     PVs  LV STATE      MOUNT POINT
cpsabcd2lv          jfs2       2850    5700    2    open/syncd    /cpsabcd2
loglv00             jfs2log    1       1       1    open/syncd    N/A

I know that I canĀ“t change external jfs2log to INLINE, but is there a smart way how to repair it/mirror it? Hdisk36 and hdisk37 are the same size and contain only VG cpsdata2vg.
What if I just add copy of the LV loglv00 to hdisk37? Will it add a copy behind the LV cpsabcd2lv or this overwrite LV cpsabcd2lv?

mklvcopy loglv00 2 hdisk37

Thank you for suggestions.
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