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How to continue shell script after exit 0?

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How to continue shell script after exit 0?

I am writing a shell script where I am sourcing other shell script in that script I have mention exit 0 due to that it is not continue the first script. Except doing any changes to source script is there any way I can continue the my first script.
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When you source another script, you can think of it as replacing your script in memory. The only way to miss the exit 0 is to remove it.
you can do this and NOT source it:

Assuming you cannot change the other script the best option is to run it as a child process.
Warning: if you need to use any of the variables created/changed in the other script this will not work for you. Only sourcing will work.
/path/to/other/ &
# now continue myscript code here

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Backgrounding might give you further problems.
You can try the same in the foreground:
# this is your shell script
# this is a copy of your shell script that inherits all variables and functions
. your_source_script
# this is not reached if there was an exit
# the copy has ended; any variables and functions are not copied back i.e. lost
echo "$0 continues"

# 4  
If you are able to change the script that is sourced, changing exit for return could provide better results if the exit is within a function.

Can you share with us some information about the sourced content? If it's just setting up functions, then stop it doing an exit at all. In fact, stop it doing an exit at all unless there is an error.

Thanks, in advance,
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