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Old 05-24-2019
AIX version selection


I would like to upgrade my AIX box 6.1 to 7.1/7.2.
Current info of my AIX 6.1 box
[root@xyz] / > oslevel -s

System Model: IBM,9117-MMD
Machine Serial Number: xxx
Processor Type: PowerPC_POWER7
Processor Implementation Mode: POWER 7
Processor Version: PV_7_Compat
Number Of Processors: 1
Processor Clock Speed: 3808 MHz
CPU Type: 64-bit
Kernel Type: 64-bit
LPAR Info: yyyyy
Memory Size: 1792 MB
Good Memory Size: 1792 MB
Platform Firmware level: AM760_068
Firmware Version: IBM,AM760_068
Console Login: enable
Auto Restart: true
Full Core: false

I logged into IBM site, and see below version. screenshot attached.

Can someone advise based on my current hardware and AIX version.
AIX version selection-aix_version1png
AIX version selection-aix_version2png
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Old 05-24-2019
I have checked and found my AIX version is enterprise edition
[root@xxx] / > /usr/sbin/chedition -l

But what is the PowerVM Enterprise Edition and AIX 7.2 TL support? and Power HA? ...
I confuse not to know which is suitable for my environment.
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Old 05-27-2019

no one has an idea on this Smilie
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Old 05-28-2019
There are different terms: version, release, edition, level.
Certainly introduced to confuse you and make you need the expensive IBM support.

For an OS upgrade I think the release matters most.?
You OS release is 6.1 - you said it.
uname -sr or uname -a might also state it.
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Old 05-28-2019
Hi MadeInGermany,

If you look at the screenshot, you can see many product names. I don't know their purpose. The search not pointing me to the correct source.
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Old 05-29-2019
"Enterprise edition" means you can define and run LPARs with more than 4 cores and more than 32GB of memory. In daily business the difference between standard and enterprise (AFAIK "express" discontinued, but not sure about this) is NIL.

You can, using the chedition command, even change it.

When you upgrade from 6.1 (which is suggested, even if you have bought extended support, which might bring you up to Apr 2020) you may want to check the LPAR profile if your 6.1-partition runs in compatibility mode. If so, reset that before you boot into the 7.x installation.

Personally, i'd rather recommend using AIX 7.1.5 TL 5 instead of 7.2 TL2(or TL3? not sure). 7.2 is a major overhaul and - like all big changes - has a lot of problems. I#D suggest using the much less bug-ridden 7.1, which will be supported until 2021 at least and go to a (right now hypothetical) 7.3 once it is there. It was, btw., the same with version 5: 5.1 was quite OK, 5.2 (and 5.2.1 as well) was buggy as hell, 5.3 was stable from the start and got better with every TL. In the end 5.3 ran all the way up to TL13 for about 10 years.

I hope this helps.

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Old 05-30-2019
Thank Bakunin for helpful info.

I'm still concerning about the naming of it. Could you give me some info about the names like: AIX TL support, PowerHA, PowerVM.

I can guess that PowerVM is VIOS iso. But not sure about these others and purposes.
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