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Search for word in huge logfile and need to continue to print few lines from that line til find date

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Search for word in huge logfile and need to continue to print few lines from that line til find date

Guys i need an idea for one shell scripting am struggling with a logic...So the thing is... i need to search for a word in a huge log file and i need to continue to print few more lines from that line and the consecutive line has to end when it finds the line with date..because i know only the date which is first field...


Am having huge log file -file.log
I need to grep a word like "ERROR" from that file so the output will start with date-2019-04-24
2019-04-24 ........
The problem is am getting only that line while using grep and awk command on searching for a pattern. But i need to few more lines after searching that word in that log file till the lines which start with the date...why because to get the complete content of that error.
So when i get another line which start with 2019-04-24 then till that content i need to print...

Am trying so far...can anyone help
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it always it helps to provide a sample representative data snippet and the desired output (using code tags).
Also it could help if you provide what you've tried so far...

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