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Active Directory OR LDAP

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Active Directory OR LDAP


How can we check users added through LDAP or AD. Users added through a group of AD or LDAP group.
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Originally Posted by Nishit
How can we check users added through LDAP or AD.
How am i to know what you mean?


PS: sorry, but as long as you don't describe what exactly you mean by "check" - and perhaps add more detail about what tools you have at your disposal, what your environment is, etc., etc. - how are we supposed to give you a non-generic answer?

So, again: describe what you have, what exactly you want and what you have tried to get there, regardless of it having worked or not. You might find that people are willing to put as much effort into the answer as you are willing to put into phrasing it.

I hope this helps.

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I have the server which map with AD. So they have map one group of AD members for accessing that server. Now I wan't to identify that members through that servers locally. I am one of them. I have root access. But I don't have AD server access.

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