Capture power button press on MacOs High Sierra?

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Capture power button press on MacOs High Sierra?

Hello everyone!

I'm developing a MacOs Application in python and I'm having some issues trying to find information related to the power button pressed event. I know that in Ubuntu 14.04 you can find information about it on the acpi folders, but I realized that here in Mac that process is supposedly managed by powerd, I was looking thru the dmesg and console logs looking for something that changes when a restart is done automatically or if the computer couldn't restart itself and had to be powered on by the button.

Let me explain a little more.

In the application, I have a config file where I keep record of how many restarts have been done on the Mac by another application developed by Apple called RestartX. When it hits 10 restarts it will stop with an automation script on Sikuli. The thing is that when the test fails, the computer MUST be turned on by the user, and the RestartX app doesn't record if the test fails as it registers that operation as a Restart (which adds 1 to the app restart counter) and not as a PowerOn event.

If someone with more programming experience could tell me where to catch this kind of events apart from dmesg or how to tell which event in dmesg is related to powerEvents I will be very grateful.
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mount_hsfs - mount hsfs file systems SYNOPSIS
mount -F hsfs [generic_options] [-o FSType-specific_options] [-O ] special | mount_point mount -F hsfs [generic_options] [-o FSType-specific_options] [-O] special mount_point DESCRIPTION
mount attaches a High Sierra file system (hsfs) to the file system hierarchy at the mount_point, which is the pathname of a directory. If mount_point has any contents prior to the mount operation, these are hidden until the file system is unmounted. If mount is invoked with special or mount_point as the only arguments, mount will search /etc/vfstab to fill in the missing arguments, including the FSType-specific_options; see mount(1M) for more details. If the file system being mounted contains Rock Ridge extensions, by default they will be used, enabling support of features not normally available under High Sierra file systems such as symbolic links, and special files. OPTIONS
generic_options See mount(1M) for the list of supported options. -o Specify hsfs file system specific options. If invalid options are specified, a warning message is printed and the invalid options are ignored. The following options are available: global | noglobal If global is specified and supported on the file system, and the system in question is part of a cluster, the file system will be globally visible on all nodes of the cluster. If noglobal is specified, the mount will not be globally visible. The default behav- ior is noglobal. ro Mount the file system read-only. This option is required. nrr no Rock Ridge: if Rock Ridge extensions are present in the file system, ignore them; interpret it as a regular High Sierra file system. notraildot File names on High Sierra file systems consist of a proper name and an extension separated by a '.' (dot) character. By default, the separating dot is always considered part of the file's name for all file access operations, even if there is no extension present. Specifying notraildot makes it optional to specify the trailing dot to access a file whose name lacks an extension. Exceptions: This option is effective only on file systems for which Rock Ridge extensions are not active, either because they are not present on the CD-ROM, or they are explicitly ignored via the nrr option. If Rock Ridge extensions are active, hsfs quietly ignores this option. nomaplcase File names on High Sierra cdroms with no Rock Ridge extensions present should be uppercase characters only. By default, hsfs maps file names read from a non-Rock Ridge disk to all lowercase characters. nomaplcase turns off this mapping. The exceptions for notraildot discused above apply to nomaplcase. -O Overlay mount. Allow the file system to be mounted over an existing mount point, making the underlying file system inaccessible. If a mount is attempted on a pre-existing mount point without setting this flag, the mount will fail, producing the error device busy. FILES
/etc/mnttab table of mounted file systems /etc/vfstab list of default parameters for each file system ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWcsu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
mount(1M), mountall(1M), mount(2), mnttab(4), vfstab(4), attributes(5) NOTES
If the directory on which a file system is to be mounted is a symbolic link, the file system is mounted on the directory to which the sym- bolic link refers, rather than on top of the symbolic link itself. SunOS 5.10 24 Nov 2003 mount_hsfs(1M)

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