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MIME type for sending gzip file as attachment in email

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Old 08-22-2017
MIME type for sending gzip file as attachment in email


I am trying to send a gzip file on email using below command but the zipped file received on email is corrupt.

mailsend -smtp $smtpip -content-type 'application/x-gzip' -mime-type "application/x-gzip" -t $receiver -f $sender -sub "$subject" -M "$MSG" -attach $file

file name is Report.csv.gz

Output status is below as seen in Jenkins

Mime type: application/x-gzip
Disposition: inline
Encoding type: none

Finished: SUCCESS

Please help to correct the above code.

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Old 08-22-2017
Just mime type shouldn't corrupt a file. In what way is it corrupt? Compare the sent file to the received file with hexdump or the like.

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