How to get script to create a new file that lists folder content sorted by size?

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How to get script to create a new file that lists folder content sorted by size?

I have a script that sorts and processes unsorted files to newly created directories.

Its working great, but I am trying to understand the leanest method to get the script to create an additional file within each newly created directory that:

Contains a list of all files in the directory sorted by size order.

read -p "Good Morning, Please enter your file type name for sorting [ENTER]:" all_extensions
if cd /Users/christopherdorman/desktop
  then  while read extension
      do    destination="folder$extension"
        mkdir -p "$destination"
        mv  -v unsorted/*."$extension" "$destination"
      done   <<< "${all_extensions// /$'\n'}"
        mkdir -p foldermisc 
        if mv  -v unsorted/* "foldermisc"
      then  echo "Good News, the rest of Your files have been successfully processed"

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What is your OS and version. If your ls happens to know the -S option, you could try adding something like this at the end of your script
for i in folder*/; do
  ls -S "$i" > "${i}filelist"

Note: It helps readability to properly indent your script, for example that a fi and a then start at the same horizontal position as its if counterpart and that while starts on a new line:
if foo
  while bar
  if baz

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Thank you for the steering, my Mac OS is Yosemite 10.10.5.

That control flow statement you wrote, how would I nest that in the code. appreciated.
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Your Welcome. Then your ls should know -S

I would suggest at the end within the
if cd /Users/christopherdorman/desktop

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Tools solved. thank you

Thank you for that steering. that worked lovely. regards
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