Creating filesystem in LDOMs

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Creating filesystem in LDOMs


I have a task of creating a UFS filesystem in an LDOM. It is located in a hypervisor (CDOM).
The storage has been provisioned to the CDOM. How do I make it reflect to the LDOM, and then from there configure/set up the filesystem in the LDOM?

Please help.
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You have to add the device, as follows;

ldm add-vdsdev /dev/rdsk/c0t60050768018086B6E800000000000467d0s0 nhh_db_vol2@fdbkirnhhd01-vds0
ldm add-vdsdev /dev/rdsk/c0t60050768018086B6E800000000000468d0s0 nhh_asm_01@fdbkirnhhd01-vds0

Then add the device to the LDOM as follows;
ldm add-vdisk nhh_db_vol2 nhh_db_vol2@fdbkirnhhd01-vds0 fdbkirnhhd01
ldm add-vdisk nhh_asm_01  nhh_asm_01@fdbkirnhhd01-vds0  fdbkirnhhd01

Once the device is visible in the LDOM, use the good old format and mkfs or newfs commands as you would in a standalone machine. You'll have to be in the LDOM as the root user.


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