[Solved] Cannot install KVM guest on CentOS/RedHat

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[Solved] Cannot install KVM guest on CentOS/RedHat


I've a CentOS Server and I need to create KVM guest machine without X.
 /usr/sbin/virt-install --name server1 --ram 4000 --vcpus=8  --file=/srv/virtual/server1.img --file-size=20 --cdrom /tmp/server1.iso --mac=52:54:00:fd:48:7c

The iso was created with cobbler...
So, now the machine is present :
root@mainserver:/etc/libvirt/qemu $ virsh list 
 Id Name                 State
  5 server1          running

But the installation was not completed, so I couldn't stop it! I couldn't connect it! and when I try to install again:
ERROR Guest name 'server1' is already in use.
What should I do?

Please help!
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According to the manual page, you should use virsh to "undefine" server1 before running virt-install.
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Thank you! I can restart the installation...

After the ok, it start a black screen with "_" and hangs...! What could be the problem?
ISOLINUX 4.02 2010-07-21 ETCD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al
          |      Cobbler | http://cobbler.github.com/           |
          | (local)                                                |
          |                                                          |
          | server1                                               |
          |                                                          |
          |                                                          |
          |                                                          |
          |                                                          |
          |                                                          |
          |                                                          |
          |                                                          |
          |                                                          |
          |                                                          |

                          Press [Tab] to edit options

                        Automatic boot in 19 seconds...

Loading 1.krn......
Loading 1.img................................ready.
Probing EDD (edd=off to disable)... ok

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I don't have that specific ISO to test with, but the command you're using works fine with another one I have.

Did you create it, or download it (and where from)?
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It was created with our cobbler system and I've copied into my server

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I've seen the following error in logs:
kernel: kvm: 27302: cpu0 unimplemented perfctr wrmsr: 0xc1 data 0xabcd

I've seen a bug on Google but I don't the os version is not to old....

---------- Post updated 23-01-13 at 11:46 AM ---------- Previous update was 22-01-13 at 12:34 PM ----------

I've find the solutions :

I must to add --vnc in my command, than start a vncviewer on the server through ssh -x server.

Thanks for your
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Good to know. Thanks for updating us.
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