Problem with tip utility in unix

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Problem with tip utility in unix

Hi ,
I have wrote a telnet clinet application to interact with remote system . This program takes the screen shots for every interaction and send back to us. After connecting to remote machine , i want to call tip utility to interact with a device which is connected to one remote system. Now my problem is started. i am getting the interaction up to in entered the command tip xxx.
After that i got the string is connected. From this step to i am not getting any string.
I am succeeding this process if i do it manually. i dont know the problem why i am unable to get the interactive session of tip utility through my program.
At the same time i am able to call get the session from other utilities of unix through my program

i appresiate for helping on this.
- regards
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XON(1)							      General Commands Manual							    XON(1)

xon - start an X program on a remote machine SYNOPSIS
xon remote-host [-access] [-debug] [-name window-name] [-nols] [-screen screen-no] [-user user-name] [command ...] DESCRIPTION
Xon runs the specified command (default xterm -ls) on the remote machine using rsh, remsh, or rcmd. Xon passes the DISPLAY, XAUTHORITY and XUSERFILESEARCHPATH environment variables to the remote command. When no command is specified, xon runs 'xterm -ls'. It additionally specifies the application name to be 'xterm-remote-host' and the win- dow title to be '-fIremote-host'. Xon can only work when the remote host will allow you to log in without a password, by having an entry in the .rhosts file permitting access. OPTIONS
Note that the options follow the remote host name (as they do with rlogin). -access Runs xhost locally to add the remote host to the host access list in the X server. This won't work unless xhost is given permission to modify the access list. -debug Normally, xon disconnects the remote process from stdin, stdout and stderr to eliminate the daemon processes which usually connect them across the network. Specifying the -debug option leaves them connected so that error messages from the remote execution are sent back to the originating host. -name window-name This specifies a different application name and window title for the default command (xterm). -nols Normally xon passes the -ls option to the remote xterm; this option suspends that behaviour. -screen screen-no This changes the screen number of the DISPLAY variable passed to the remote command. -user user-name By default, xon simply uses rsh/remsh/rcmd to connect to the remote machine using the same user name as on the local machine. This option cause xon to specify an alternative user name. This will not work unless you have authorization to access the remote account, by placing an appropriate entry in the remote users .rhosts file. BUGS
Xon can get easily confused when the remote-host, user-name or various environment variable values contain white space. Xon has no way to send the appropriate X authorization information to the remote host. X Version 11 Release 6.6 XON(1)

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