What's your most useful shell?

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Poll: What's your most useful shell?
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What's your most useful shell?

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Old 05-05-2006
bash for me (although the /bin location is rather dubious)

As a mac/linux/sun admin, I like that it seems to have the least cross-platform issues. Plus, as previously stated, the vi-style history mode is brilliant.

I write all my scripts in bash, and have for years now, so I suppose I'm a bit of a bash guru Smilie
# 37  
Old 05-22-2006
I use Ksh all the time...its best for me
# 38  
Old 05-22-2006
I use bash and tcsh.
# 39  
Old 05-31-2006
Shell features Compare

Bourne Shell --Very old Shell,not that many Functionalities

C shell -- No VI Command line editing ,follow C rules.

Korn shell -- Have features of both Bourne and some of C, and has Powerful VI Command line Editing.

bash Shell -- Have all the features including Command line
editing ,substitution commands

Mostly Developers prefer ksh.

# 40  
Old 06-06-2006
I could not be able to survive without bash-completion... Smilie
# 41  
Old 06-07-2006
bash is what i find the most useful when i do curses in unix
# 42  
Old 06-21-2006
for Linux i use bash and SCO I use ksh.

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